The range comes in 70W HPS, 70/150W HQI, 80/125W MBF, FCL 1X26W, FLC 1X42W and PAR 75W .


An impressive range that will help illuminate, monuments, building facades, trees, foilage, panels, walls, and garden pathways.


An embedded floodlight made from die cast aluminium alloy body and cover. The fitting is made from die cast aluminium. You may choose among three different types of covers: flat glass, grill dome, omni directional dome, and bi-directional dome. The 8 mm glass cover is made from heat resistant, heat hardened glass protector which withstands a load of up to 2 tonnes. The remaining two types of covers are made from durable aluminium alloy. All the different types of covers are attached to the body via 6 stainless steel screws which enable a rapid closing mechanism. IP 67 protection is given via a silicon gasket recessed inside the casing.


Designed in accordance to the following Standards: UNI 7142 and BS 3193.