Metal Halide Lamps

High Performance

Elliptic body pulse start Metal Halide Lamps

Elliptic body Horizontal pulse start metal halide lamps

Marvellous colour uniformity, 20% more lumen efficiency than regular metal halide lamps, high lumen efficiency and long life can reduce the cost of maintenance. Can be used to shopping mall, building, advertisement, airport and port. Elliptic body open rated pulse start metal halide lamps with special Shield to stop UV as new energy saving products, can be used with open rated fixutes.

Metal Halide Lamps


Easy start at magnetis circuit, minimum starting pulse (peak v) is 750, high lumen efficiency, long life, high performance and most economic metal halide lamps, can be used to outdoor floodlight of building, advertisement boards, quay, station, also high roof lighting for factories.

HPS retrofit metal halide lamps

As metal halide lamps for use with a sodium ballast, direct retrofit for sodium to upgrate lighting to a more pleasant white light, high lumen package with good colour rendering properties, can be used to commercial and industrial lighting as shopping area, factories and warehouses.

Metal Halide Lamps


Ceramic Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps

Excellent colour temperature consistency to create and aesthetically pleasing environment with uniform light colour, higher luminous efficacy, 4 times high than halogen lamps and 2 times higher than CFL, lower total maintenance cost of ownership, long lamp life, 12000 hours, blocking harmful UV radiation to prevent discoloration of fading of displayed items, universal burning position provides unlimited lighting options, smaller lamp size, allows maximum flexibility in fixture designs.