novembre 9, 2015

About us

Established in 1973, Nordex Lighting has been dedicating all its efforts in manufacturing a wide range of industrial light fittings. Today Nordex’s commitment, dynamism and quality are helping to shape the future of the lighting industry.
As leaders in design and manufacturing Nordex plays an indipensable role in making new technology
dependable and affordable around the world.
Globally active, Nordex holds market positions in over 77 countries. With our allround know-how we are an innovative company with aims to continuing our aggressive expansion in many new growth markets.
We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust and expert advise.
Our staff is dedicated in understanding your needs and sharing your sales vision.
You can feel confident that with the unrivalled resources that Nordex offers, our team can tailor our products and services precisely to your needs.
In these days of wide choice and conflicting messages in the marketplace, consumers rely on trusted brands to help them choose. As the owner of a global brand, we have a commercial advantage over our competitors. In the past twenty eight years we have been working hard in creating a positive awareness of the Nordex brand name, and today Nordex is synonymous to high quality, innovative, reliable, cost-effective products and short delivery time.
The continual renewal and innovation strategy that Nordex undertakes has helped to constantly improve its goal in delivering to its customers high quality products which fulfill the world’s most widely recognized international stringent quality standards of ISO 9001. The Research and Development department continuously monitor developments throughout the world to sharpen our response towards any changes in the market place, by adjusting production and operations quickly to continuously reflect new levels of demand. Our company objective is to spend 30% of our profits every year into R&D. This objective has helped us become a successful technological-driven and market-led organization within the lighting industry. Our commitment in improving has made us become among the very few Italian companies that continuously invest in new machinery, moulds and products.
In a world of globalization, integration, and individualization, we aim to work closely with our customers to reach integrated and innovative solutions on lighting projects.
We believe that our success will depend not only on making good products, but also on giving good value for money and providing excellent service. By setting high targets, and by regularly measuring our progress towards them we will push ourselves hard to not only achieve our targets, but to outperform them. We remain fully committed in becoming the desired supplier of lighting customers worldwide.