Plaza is the Nordex Architectural Amenity Lantern intended for lighting parks, gardens, shopping malls, main streets, and residential areas. The highly efficient design with enhanced performance together with its aesthetical appearance make it the ideal solution to compliment architectural and urban requirements. Can accommodate from 70W to 150w lamps. DOWNLOAD PDF DOWNLOAD PDF Plaza LED[…]


Madison is suitable for residential road, shopping streets, access roads, shopping malls and packing areas gardens and commercial complexes. Can accommodate from 70W to 150w lamps. DOWNLOAD PDF


IN-GROUND FIXTURE RANGE The range comes in 70W HPS, 70/150W HQI, 80/125W MBF, FCL 1X26W, FLC 1X42W and PAR 75W . APPLICATION An impressive range that will help illuminate, monuments, building facades, trees, foilage, panels, walls, and garden pathways. CONSTRUCTION An embedded floodlight made from die cast aluminium alloy body and cover. The fitting is[…]


  Rama is a vandal resistant, weather proof  non corrosive floodlight, 70W/80W/100W/125W/ lamps is suitable for parking lots, shopping centres, warehouses, exterior walls of buildings, and any other commercial or architectural uses. DOWNLOAD PDF


Arka is a compact, corrosion resistant, weather and vandal proof lighting outdoor fitting Can be used to light gardens, walls, statues. DOWNLOAD PDF

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