High Pressure Mercury Lamps Mercury lamps offer long life, high lumen output and energy efficienty. Mercury lamps are widely used at street, square, parking place, bus stop, quay and factory. Blended High Pressure Mercury Lamps Using without ballast makes installation more convenient and low cost of maintenance. Used at street, square, parking place, bus stop,[…]


High Pressure Sodium Lamps Regular High Pressure Sodium Lamps Sodium lamps offer long life, high lumen output. Golden white light can penetrate, generally use at street, square, parking, place, bus stop, quay and factories. Nordex offers a very range of hight pressure sodium lamps including North American and European system lamps. High Pressure Sodium Lamps[…]


Metal Halide Lamps High Performance Elliptic body pulse start Metal Halide Lamps Elliptic body Horizontal pulse start metal halide lamps Marvellous colour uniformity, 20% more lumen efficiency than regular metal halide lamps, high lumen efficiency and long life can reduce the cost of maintenance. Can be used to shopping mall, building, advertisement, airport and port.[…]


Lunex is the answer to illuminate large areas indoor and outdoor from heights excedinng 5 meters as werehouse, factories, aircraft hangars and indoor sport arenas. Can accommodate from 150W to 400W lamps. DOWNLOAD PDF


Strada is a street light luminaire utilising energy saving T5 technology combined with a highly efficient optical system. For public roadlighting, footpaths, cycleway, carpark, industrial and public areas. It is suitable for remote sites where solar powered supply has a capital cost advantage. DOWNLOAD PDF


The floodlights Expo are high quality floodlight from 70W to 400W lamps. DOWNLOAD PDF


Weather Proof luminaires are ideal for use  in dusty or humid environment as wash houses, breweries, swimming pools, under canopy areas, loading bays, parking areas, food processing, pharmaceutical factories etc. The Atlas range consists of 14W, 21W and 28W single and twin lamp fluorescent. DOWNLOAD PDF

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